Art is nature. In Art there is nature. Creation is realized in an essential-existential circularity. With an absolute and pure energy, taken from Sun, from Earth, from Life, form the Season Cycles, like a wise Prometheus, Igino Stella takes forms and recomposes the material, he modulates melodies to offer them to yet ignorant men (of goodwill). From the deep melancholy to the mystery of the happiest game, the expressive dilatation flickers in painting or in sculpture, in dreamy vagrancies towards otherness and to unexpected openings. Nostalgia is the evil of the return, or the return of an evil, the one, the one that makes us breathless from birth to death. Igino Stella doesn’t give the solution, but he suggests a warning and he whispers a love through the density of material (pictorial or sculptural), in Parmenides circularities. Living so completely, to come back to live in another way, in another so fully state.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Angelo Favaro