Critics said

Angelo Favaro

Art is nature. In Art there is nature. Creation is realized in an essential-existential circularity. With an absolute and pure energy, taken from Sun, from Earth, from Life, form the Season Cycles, like a wise Prometheus, Igino Stella takes forms and recomposes the material, he modulates melodies to offer them to yet ignorant men (of(…)

Diego Pierpaoli

I share with you, a few privileged people, the happiness of talking about the values, so rares and deserts, that the hidden and suffered love for them takes to the emotion. This beautiful soul and its stunning creatures help my first enthusiastic intuitions of the greatness of the works, of the reflections of a Gauguin,(…)

Alessandro Centinaro

A critic speech about the work of Stella would be incompatible with the practice of an analytical and” taxonomic” exegesis. A very rich and articulated production that presents the perturbing charm of an esoteric rite. On the contrary, an authentic esoteric abstraction whose chromatic formulas tightly bound to a very actual and substantial dialectic of(…)

Rosario Assunto

For what I know about his production, it seems to me that his maturest understanding is realise an interior happiness in his paintings, with his appreciation for lively and bright colours, and for their explosive combinations. But, he also wants to give a peace to these violent combinations by organizing them in forms with a(…)